The Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Travel Guide

Most of the major hotels, casinos, shopping centers and entertainment venues in Las Vegas USA are located along the Las Vegas Strip.

"The Strip" as it is often called, is a 13-block segment of Las Vegas Boulevard South that runs between Sahara Avenue (at the north) and Russell Road (at the south).

The buildings that run along that stretch are all massive.

Las Vegas Strip
The Strip in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip is approximately 6.8 kilometers in length (4.2 miles).  Due to its length and the massive size of each hotel complex, visitors need to carefully plan their time in Las Vegas USA.  This will allow you to see all the top attractions while minimizing the amount of walking that is required.

Throughout this website, we will refer to three portions of the Strip.  They are the:

  1. North Strip (Sahara Avenue to Desert Inn Road)
  2. Mid-Strip (Desert Inn Road to Tropicana Avenue)
  3. South Strip (Tropicana Avenue to Russell Road)

The vast majority of attractions in Las Vegas USA are located in the Mid-Strip area, however there are exceptions.

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