Las Vegas Weather

Las Vegas Travel Guide

One of the first decisions to make when planning a trip to Las Vegas USA is to decide when to visit.  Las Vegas is located in the middle of a vast desert so fortunately, there is little rain and few overcast days at any time of year.

Temperatures are very pleasant in autumn, winter and spring but are roasting hot during the summer months.  Fortunately, just about every building in Vegas is air conditioned. 

Las Vegas Weather
Perpetual Sunshine in Las Vegas

Average monthly temperatures (in Fahrenheit) and precipitation (inches) at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas USA are as follows

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
Jan 39 58 .54
April 56 78 .15
July 81 104 .27
October 58 80 .50

So when is the best time to visit Vegas?  That is a matter of personal preference.   If you don't mind cool evening, visit Vegas in winter.  Otherwise spring or fall are your best bets.

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